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  • How can I cancel my reservation? Will a cancellation fee apply when cancelling a reservation?

    The User or Company may cancel the reservation through notification of the other party by email or telephone.
    In case the reservation is canceled for the convenience of the User, the User shall pay Company the cancelation fee determined by Company, and, at the point that the cancelation fee is paid, Company shall return the received reservation application fee to the User.
    *Cancelation fee
     Same-day cancelation 100% of the Rental Fee
     Previous day cancelation 50% of the Rental Fee
    (In case of cancelation due to bad weather, a cancelation fee shall not be charged. Bad weather, in this case, is defined as alerts or warning reports regarding rain, fog, wind, thunder, and fog in the delivery location 3 days before the start of the rental).

  • Can I cancel my reservation on the day?

    Cancellations due to wet weather are acceptable and can be completed on the phone. Please be aware that in all other instances you will be expected to pay the total amount as a cancellation fee (exceptions may apply). In the event we do not receive any contact from you and you fail to show up on the day, you will be charged the total amount as a cancellation fee.

  • How can I change my reservation?

    Please reply after you describe the change details in the reservation reception email.
    You can’t change the bike when we can’t provide alternative bike.

  • Deposit payment is required in which situation?

    In principle, we require a deposit for customers who choose to rent our bike for longer than a one-week rental plan. Please check this link for further information.

  • Is it possible to put the rental bike into a bag?(so-called "Rinko")

    Only limited model of our rental bikes are able to "Rinko". Please make a reservation for a bike which is indicated as "Rinko plan".

  • Can I use the rented bike at bike competitions such as race events?

    Rental bikes which are allowed to use in competitions will be limited to certain models. Please make a reservation for a bike which is indicated as "Bike competition plan".

  • Bike accessories such as lock, light or helmet are available? What type of accessories are available for rent?

    Wire lock and light are installed on each rental bike. Other accessories are available for rent including helmets, phone holders, and drink holders(Those items cost for rental fee). Please check the bottom part of the rental application form to select those accessories.

  • What do I need to bring on the day of the rental?

    Please bring the following documents and show to our staff;

    (1) ID with a photo (my number card, passport, residence card)
    (2) ID which identify your affiliation (employee ID, health insurance card, student ID, etc.)

    If you are under 18 years of age, you will need to submit an additional document which is called "parental consent form" signed by your parents or guardian. We will send you the format if you request us to send.

  • What should I do if get into an accident?

    We cannot be held responsible for any accident, injury or other trouble that may occur during the rental period.
    In case of an accident where there is partner, if interpersonal, objective insurance based on the usage agreement is applied, we will compensate within the limit of insurance. (Please refer to the terms for details)
    In the event of an accident, please promptly carry out the following three steps:
    ・Provide assistance to any injured parties.
    ・Notify police and file a report.
    ・Contact CycleTrip on (+81(3)-6773-1210)

  • What should I do if I am unable to return the bike to the designated return location?

    If you are unable to return your bicycle by yourself due to a breakdown of bike or injury, please contact CycleTrip BASE. At that time, we will provide you an estimation for collection. Please note that the fee is based on this delivery charges of CycleTrip Akihabara shop. (*Delivery service is only provided by CycleTrip Akihabara shop in Tokyo)

  • Can you keep my baggage?

    We can keep your baggage when we lend the bike face to face. We can’t compensate for luggage, so please bring your valuables yourself.
    There are cases where you can keep them at the hotel, so let's ask!

  • What kinds of credit cards do you accept?

    Payment can be made with VISA, mastercard, diners, JCB and AMEX. (Single payment only.)

  • How can I extend the rental period?

    Please call or email us for consultation.

  • What do I do if I’m unable to return on time?

    Please notify us in advance.

  • What do I do if I have bike trouble?

    We can’t be held the responsible for any trouble to do with getting a flat. You agree to arrange repair at the nearest bicycle shop at your expense.