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E-7 For your child's first Bike! 1 year old kick bike Kids Trail Balance | 1 to 4 Bikes

Rental price
1 to 4 years old
Bike details

This is a subscription plan for Cannondale's kick bike, Kids Trail Balance.

Cannondale's unique Lefty function is also firmly installed on the kids' bike, giving it a playful look.

Unlike common kick bikes, it has a proper brake, so you can rest assured in case of emergency. (Since the child of the staff started riding a kick bike without brakes, it was difficult until he could use the brakes when riding a bicycle...)

It's a kid's bike that gets big and out of size quickly, so why not use it for a limited time with a subscription?

Please be sure to wear a helmet when using it. We also sell helmets at CycleTrip stores.

*This vehicle is available for rent only for customers with a one-year contract.

Special price for 1 year contract only.

If you cancel less than 1 year, please pay the rental fee for 6 months. (If you cancel after 6 months, please pay the rental fee for 2 months.)

You can receive regular inspections free of charge up to once a month. Regular inspections are carried out so that you and your child can use the bicycle safely and securely.

◆Because it is a special plan, we may ask you to present ID cards and insurance cards of the rental person and children in advance◆

Payment is limited to credit cards.

For an extra ¥500 a month, you can subscribe to the Anshin Plus Option, which offers free replacement of consumables and faulty parts (excluding accidents).

For an extra ¥500 a month, you can get peace of mind with roadside assistance. You can rest assured even in the unlikely event of trouble.

For an extra ¥500 a month, you can add a secure theft compensation service.